RMI 632 P

£1,999.00 inc. VAT

• Bright LCD display

• Removable control panel

• Mulching mowing deck

Not available to order online. Please call us first to arrange a free site visit and installation assessment first.

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Large gardens are nice to have, but they require a lot of work to maintain. Make your life easy. With the robotic mower STIHL iMOW RMI 632 P annoying gardening work is the past! The fully automatic lawnmower works independently according to a dynamic mowing plan that you define. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology the lawn robot is protected from the weather and detects obstacles on its way. Allow yourself more time out and enjoy a smart life with the iMOW RMI 632 P!

The RMI 632 P comes with a 5 year extended domestic warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing).

If you are interested in the iMOW call into our showroom for a chat or give us a call 0n 0131 337 8552. We can then arrange a free site visit to assess your property for installation.


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