Robotic Mowers

A robotic mower is the effortless way to a perfect lawn. It tends smaller, medium-sized and larger lawns fully automatically, quickly and conveniently. The mowers can be programmed via an app, have rain sensors to stop mowing when its wet and they mulch the grass as they cut putting the goodness back into your lawn.

The mowers work by following a boundary wire which is laid around the perimeter of your garden. The mower then operates within the boundary and cuts the grass in random patterns so there is no evidence of the mowing process.

At the height of the growing season, you would normally cut your grass every one to two weeks. The robotic mower cuts much more frequently which means the cuttings are very small by comparison and the shredded blades are left in the lawn to degrade and naturally fertislise the soil. Not only does the mower offer hassle free mowing it also helps produce a greener, healthier looking lawn!

If you are interested in a robotic mower then call into our Edinburgh showroom to view our range and to have a detailed chat. Alternatively call us on 0131 337 8552 and we can then arrange a free site visit to assess your property for installation.

We sell the complete iMow range by Stihl with many in our showroom to view.

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Showing all 9 results