PCX 13/40 Compactor Plate

• Low Hand Arm Vibration design for longer, safe usage times.
• High performance 16.5kN vibration unit for maximum compaction and good forward travel speed.
• Sealed oil-filled vibrator with top quality bearings for reliability and durability.
• Wrap around frame for ultimate engine protection and more manual handling points.
• Self-cleaning base plate, the machine does not allow materials or debris to collect.
• Cast Baseplate with Asphalt Combination rounded edges.
• Heavy duty engineering, making it the most robust, reliable compactor for contractor and rental use.
• Large 12 litre Water Kit, Wheel Kit and Paving Pad options available.


Professional compaction plates with low Hand Arm Vibration and very high performance compaction. The PCX is designed to offer maximum compaction and is engineered for contracting and rental use.


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