SHA 56 – Cordless Vacuum Shredder

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• Cordless vacuum shredder for domestic users

• For quick and efficient cleaning of leaves and debris

• Switch between modes without the need for any tools


The SHA 56 is the first cordless vacuum shredder / leaf blower from STIHL. Part of the AK System, this practical 2-in-1 machine is designed for vacuuming leaves and hedge cuttings as well as gathering leaves and debris into piles.

Whether you use the SHA 56 as a vacuum shredder or a blower, the rotatable handle has outstanding ergonomics and gives you greater comfort when you are working. You can convert the vacuum shredder to a blower (and vice versa) without the need for tools. Simply click the tubes into place, twist the handle 180 degrees and the SHA 56 will fit comfortably in your hand, ready to go. The variable speed trigger can be used to control the suction and blowing force of the SHA 56, while its specially angled handle makes it even more comfortable to handle when it is in vacuum shredder mode.

When in vacuum mode the catcher bag connects to the vacuum tube, rather than over the users shoulder, which makes operation more comfortable. The SHA 56 is also equipped with a padded adjustable shoulder strap to support the machine during use. A metal shredder blade on the fan wheel reduces the material volume when in vacuum mode. The shredder blade opening is easy to access, meaning blockages can be cleared quickly should they arise.

Additional information

With/without battery & charger

Naked, With AK20 battery & AL 101 charger, With 2 x AK20 batteries & AL101 charger


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